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Berka Beste Kopuz



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Born in 1995 in Bursa, Berka Beste Kopuz completed her undergraduate education at Marmara University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Painting in 2017. During her undergraduate education, she started her double major education in the Department of Graphics and benefited from these fields in her photography-based works.

During her studies, Beste started producing works focused on notions of city and memory. In her works which are based on the idea of illness, she underpins this view by incorporating the illuminated panels into her art practice. Kopuz uses mostly negative images, satellite images and transparent materials in her artistic production; focuses on the transformation and change of the cities and living spaces, and works on the remaining traces and memory of the space as the results of these processes. The artist who places the audience at the center of her work; based on this idea, she pays attention to the interactivity of the works she produces. In her opinion, the audience is a part of her work.

Mamut Art Project, BASE, CAPTCHA Design Festival, Mixer, Space Debris, BAK,       Digilogue-Sonar Istanbul are among the institutions where the  she's work is exhibited.

Apart from her personal productions, Kopuz also carries out joint productions with Arek Qadrra.

She lives and works in Istanbul.

Solo Exhibition:

2023 "Soil Saves Memory / Toprak Biriktirir Geçmişi", Istanbul (upcoming)

2019 "Kazıklıköy", Versus Art Project, Istanbul

Group Exhibitions:

2023 "KarmaComa", Anna Laudel Gallery, Bodrum Zai, Bodrum

2021 "Fluid Dynamics", Versus Art Gallery, Istanbul

2021 "Insan Boslugu, Bosluk Insanı Sekillendirir", Art-Pick, HAN Spaces, Istanbul

2020 "Suyun Taksimi", Taksim Republic Gallery, Istanbul

2019 "Emergency", Sehre BAK, Online 

2018 "Wall, Paper, Scissors", Space Debris-Orjin Art, Istanbul

2018 "Troia the Land of Dreams", Archaeology Museum, Darphane-i Amire, Istanbul

2018 "Troia the Land of Dreams", Piri Reis Museum, Canakkale

2018 "A J AR", Catkapı, Istanbul

2017 "BASE", Galata Greek Primary School, Istanbul

2017 "CAPTCHA DesignFestival, Mannheim/Germany

2017 "Black Box", Mixer Gallery, IStanbul

2017 "Marmara University 7th International  Triennial", Kare Gallery, Istanbul

2017 "Mamut Art Project", KüçükçiftlikPark, Istanbul

Duo Artist-Exhibition:

2024 (Solo) "Batarken Güneşin Ardında Tepelerin", Kasa Galeri, Istanbul (upcoming)

2020 "Gallery Space+D", Sonar Istanbul, Digilogue, Zorlu PSM

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