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Quiet Time

The artist, who researches and produces on the concepts of city and memory, focuses on the memory of space and traces of the past in the changing urban and living spaces. Following the lost traces of the past, she intervenes to bring temporal and spatial layers into light with a naive and strong language in her works.

An installation of a symbolic sundial, which represents the local, takes part in the exhibition. The sundial generated by artificial light undermines the concept of local, at the same time it aims to question perception of time and space by being in an indoor area. A completely dysfunctional and highly damaged sundial on the left tower of the Golden Gate also accompanies the artist in the venue. This historical space, which experienced social and cultural transformation with the transformation of the concepts of time and space, brings forth the questions of ‘what is local?’ and ‘which local can this location represent?’

“Quiet Time”,

(we will have discovered ourselves when we remember)

Site specific installation,

Diameter: 150 cm, lightbox,  


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